Historic Home Prices

Average home prices over the last 10 years give us valuable information as to what is happening in the market for a town.

What are Historic Home Prices?

The blue bars represent the average price in the year referenced, the green bars reflect the average home price for each month of the current year. When reviewing this data it is important to note the impact that the First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit had on the data for 2009 and 2010. In towns where the average home price is significantly more than the approximate home price of a first time home buyer then the impact is quite marked due to the increase in First Time Home Buyer activity, whereas in towns where the average home sale price is close to that of the approximate price of a home for a First time Home Buyer we don't see too much of an impact that the increase in home sales due to First Time Home Buyers has had to the overall average for the town.
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